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Heart & Head is a collaborative strategic insights agency that unearths meaningful insights and delivers fresh, out-of-the box yet pragmatic thinking, to help marketers and insights teams achieve their strategic goals. 

We're powered by the collective expertise of a team of highly experienced research practitioners around the globe who work across disciplines, categories and cultures.


  1. Help clients uncover strategically important insights from the information they have already, from 'big' data to in-house and published research

  2. Build on clients' existing knowledge and design, conduct, analyse and report bespoke research projects to help them:

    • Identify and understand the behaviours and emotions of their audiences,

    • Create or validate strategies, concepts & executions

    • Gauge how their brand is performing

    • Evaluate the relationships they have with their customers

    • Answer difficult strategic questions which need answering!

    • Find new pathways for positioning, packaging and product innovation.

  3. Design and facilitate workshops to inspire and guide multi disciplinary and multi cultural teams

  4. Create and manage bespoke immersion and insight days

  5. Assist and collaborate with clients on insight driven copy either for research or execution

  6. Produce clear and engaging outputs: from 'killer slides' to movies to share learnings with the C Suite and beyond

  7. Train and mentor client-side staff in the glorious world of insights!


Our research and insights work seeks to paint the whole picture, in colour, for which we use our own framework to help inform this: 

hh model no text.png

Heart & Head was founded in 2010 by Duncan Dodds, who having spent the first 15 years of his career working in traditional market research agencies in Europe and Asia, then went on to work as a strategic planner in an advertising agency, devising brand strategies and creative briefs and advising CMOs.  It was here that Duncan realised that there was a gap to be filled:  Heart & Head was born out of a passion to combine the breadth, creativity and business impact of strategic planning with the rigour and discipline of market research, just without the creative to sell. 

Since 2010 Heart & Head has enjoyed working with brands across categories and markets ranging from long established 'global superstars', to newcomers just starting their journey.  We pride ourselves on offering our clients however big or small their brand, what we feel are the essential ingredients of a successful and fruitful relationship:  expertise, creativity, flexibility, resourcefulness, pragmatism and dependability.  We gauge our success on the success of our clients in achieving their goals.

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